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Mass Assemblage of International Entrepreneurs in Jerusalem Crowd Funding Conference

Some eighteen thousand entrepreneurs, investors and tech-savvy individuals converged on Jerusalem Thursday for the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, the largest hi-tech conference in Israel showcasing about 180 start-ups. The event is an interactive window into the formerly closed world of start-up venture capital, highlighting cutting-edge innovations and the business minds behind them.

“We’re not only doing venture at scale but doing it democratically by inviting people to come along,” said Jon Medved, Founder & CEO of OurCrowd. “The synergy we’ve created between investors, companies and venture funds has allowed us to play an instrumental role in building Israel’s reputation as a global leader in innovation and technology.”
OurCrowd is an investment platform that vets and selects companies and invites its accredited membership of 30,000 investors and institutional partners from over 150 countries to join the opportunities.

This has enabled OurCrowd to raise a total of $1 billion for 170 companies and 18 funds in just six years. Some of its most recent investments include Beyond Meat, which develops and manufactures a plant-based meat substitutes; MeMed, a device that prevents the misuse of antibiotics; and ThetaRay, which uses Artificial Intelligence to detect and protect against financial fraud.
(Thanks to The Media Line’s Charles Bybelezer for his on-site reporting)