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Massive American Arms Deal with UAE in the Pipeline

The Trump Administration has notified Congress of its intent to sell a selection of sophisticated weapons to the United Arab Emirates. The most recent package, for which informal notification to Congress was given, is worth an estimated $10 billion. It follows a notice of intent to sell F-35 fighter jets to the UAE and includes precision-guided munitions and an array of bombs and missiles. The sale has been expected since the August 13 announcement of a peace deal between the UAE and Israel and generated a great deal of concern in both the United States and Israel that the arms sale would jeopardize the American legal requirement that the US not compromise Israel’s qualitative military edge. In Jerusalem, controversy grew from the sale when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s political foes accused him of withholding the fact that he signed off on the arms deal, including the F-35s. Apparently holding nothing back, the administration notified Congress of its intent to sell sophisticated drones to the UAE as well. Opposition to the arms sales is expected from both House and Senate committees.