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Morsi Transition Team at Work in Cairo

Plans for Mohammed Morsi’s inauguration are being formulated and Egypt’s president-elect has already moved into his office in the Presidential Palace as the transition gets underway in Cairo. On Monday, Morsi met with Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the head of the military council that has ruled Egypt since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak and who remains key to the nation’s stability. The council – SCAF – has taken over the process of drafting a new constitution and vows there will be no new election for the recently invalidated parliament until a new constitution is in place. The French news agency AFP reported that Morsi and his staff are reviewing names of potential cabinet appointees and intend to announce his selections as soon as possible. The make-up of the cabinet is anxiously awaited as the first tangible indicator of what Morsi means by his promise to create a broad, inclusive government despite his allegiance to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi won a close election that revealed a fairly even split between those who support the Islamists and those who fear Islamist leadership will lead to a state governed by Islamic law.