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Mossad, CIA, MI6 Extracted Iranian Nuclear Scientist From Tehran

The spy agencies of Israel, the United States and Britain reportedly cooperated in the extraction of an Iranian nuclear scientist from Tehran that was subsequently granted asylum in America in exchange for details on Iran’s atomic program. According to British media, the unidentified man was initially smuggled to Turkey by Israel’s Mossad and then traveled by sea to London on a dingy alongside Iranian migrants earlier this year. Once there, the scientist purportedly provided information regarding Iran’s nuclear progress since the 2015 atomic deal was forged with world powers and was then flown to the U.S. He also allegedly facilitated the 2012 Mossad-attributed killing of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a former director of the Natanz uranium enrichment facility. If so, this is the latest example of the covert “war between wars” being waged between the Islamic Republic and the Jewish state, the latter of which has been implicated in the assassinations of at least four Iranian nuclear scientists and, in conjunction with Washington, is widely believed to have developed and deployed the Stuxnet computer virus that significantly impeded Tehran’s atomic program at the beginning of the decade. For its part, Iran’s proxies in the Gaza Strip (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) and Lebanon (Hizbullah) continue to pose a significant threat to Israel, as the Iranians attempt to establish a permanent military presence in Syria from which to open up a third front against its arch-nemesis.

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