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Most MidEast Internet Users Highly Educated

The vast majority of Middle Eastern Internet users are highly educated, with 69 percent having either graduate or post-graduate degrees, a new survey has found. The study, “Media Consumption and Habits of Middle East and North Africa Internet Users”, found that 57 percent of Internet users in the region have a graduate degree, and another 12 percent have a post graduate degree. The survey of 2,587 Internet users from across the Middle East and North Africa was carried out online in early July by the UAE-based audience measurement firm Effective Measure in conjunction with Spot On Public Relations. Among a wide diversity of findings, the survey revealed that Middle Eastern Internet users spend more time surfing the web than watching television, with 88 percent of Middle Eastern Internet users accessing the Internet daily compared to only 71 percent of respondents watching television each day. The study also delved into what time of day Middle Easterners accessed different types of media. Those listening to the radio do so primarily in the early morning, newspapers and magazines during office hours, and television between 8pm and midnight.
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