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Muslims Troll ISIS on Twitter

From his chilly exile in Norway, the Arab Spring activist Iyad El Baghdadi has spawned a Tweeted rebellion against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (no relation) who last week called on all Muslims to fight in its name against “disbelievers.”

Social media savvy Muslims reacted to the El Baghdadi’s translation of al-Baghdadi entreaty with mockery and sarcasm.

“Too busy being part of a civilised and functioning society,” Tweeted one @rirezwan “Also, Sherlock S04 in 4 days. I can’t miss the first episode.”

A Twitter user called Jay Zadeh, using the handle @JayLikesIt, wrote “I’m busy being a real Muslim, giving to charity etc. Also, your dental plan sucks. #GoatTeethISIS.”

Hassaan Munir, Tweeting as @Go_Nawaz_Go, wrote “I am a little busy with this Legendary Super Mutant Overlord that keeps nagging me in Fallout 4. No can do.”

Another, @Aim_Amraam, posted “Sorry but I’m watching Star Wars, maybe tomorrow…”

And so on and so forth in the roiling cyberverse.