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Netanyahu Calls on Int’l Community to Halt Iranian Aggression

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on the international community to act immediately to halt Iranian aggression and expansionism in the Middle East. “Iran is working on a broad front to carry out murderous terrorist attacks against [Israel],” Netanyahu said, adding that his government would “continue to defend [the Jewish state’s] security however that may be necessary.” The comments come amid heightened tensions in Israel’s North, following the IDF’s large-scale military operation this weekend in Syria to thwart a plot by Tehran to attack Israeli communities using “killer drones.” It also comes as Hizbullah chief Hasan Nasrallah accused Israel of attacking a terror base deep inside Lebanon. “Any country that allows its [land] to be used for aggression against Israel will face the consequences, and I repeat: the country will face the consequences,” Netanyahu asserted in a tacit message to the Lebanese government. Israel maintains a policy of holding responsible the governing entity for any attacks emanating from territory it controls.