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Netanyahu Cautions His Faction: Don’t Overplay Hand with Trump Administration

Clearly concerned that members of his faction and, indeed, many on Israel’s political right are overstating the relationship between Israel and the Trump administration, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned his Likud Party on Monday that there’s “no diplomatic blank check” for the Jewish state. Netanyahu is apparently concerned by public statements such as those urging the PM to eschew the two-state solution – a path most believe would result in inestimable diplomatic distress with the international community – including the United States. He said Israel must “act wisely and responsibly.” Using a meeting of Likud parliamentarians as his platform, Netanyahu said, “It’s true that there is a warm relationship and there is a great deal of understanding for our fundamental positions, but it’s not correct that we have an open check and it’s far from reality.” Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, for instance, admonished the prime minister that it’s not enough to oppose two-states, he must affirmatively present alternatives to President Trump.