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Netanyahu Finds ‘New Best Friend’ to Replace Canada’s Harper

Israeli media portrays Prime Minister Netanyahu as being all aglow from his ‘wonderful’ visit to Australia. More accustomed to state visits peppered with at least a modicum of acrimony – or at least lectures about the need for a ‘two-state solution’ to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — the reception for the Israeli premier was no-holds-barred warmth and fuzziness, lacking only, according to Netanyahu, in more time to enjoy his first time traveling down under as Israel’s prime minister. Based on media reports of his visit, Netanyahu seems to have found in Malcolm Turnbull a replacement for Stephen Harper, the former conservative Canadian prime minister who, until his loss to Justin Trudeau, was not only the world leader viewed as being most friendly to the Jewish state, but more than others seen as a personal friend of Netanyahu. During the course of the visit, a number of agreements were signed relative to the business and travel sectors.