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Netanyahu Pledges More Peace Treaties Ahead of Elections

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday promised four more peace accords with Arab nations were in the works and would be announced soon, during an interview with Israel’s Ynet news website. “Mark my words, if I’m elected, there will be four more countries signing deals with us,” the prime minister said, precisely one week before Israelis head to the polls for the fourth time in two years. Earlier on Tuesday, Defense Minister Benny Gantz accused Netanyahu of compromising Israel’s peace with neighboring Jordan, after it was revealed Netanyahu last week ordered Israel’s airspace closed to flights leaving and entering Jordan. “I didn’t know about, it was his personal decision,” Gantz said of the eventually aborted move, which was instructed after Amman delayed the prime minister’s flight to Abu Dhabi. According to the latest polls, next week’s elections will not produce a clear victor, and will most likely lead to a fifth election cycle.