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New Poll Shows Netanyahu Surviving Comptroller Report

The first Israeli poll taken since last week’s release of the state comptroller’s report into alleged wrong-doings at the Prime Minister’s Residence shows Prime Minister Netanyahu holding on to his lead over the leading opposition party. The survey, commissioned by a television news station, shows Netanyahu’s Likud Party holding on to a lead of 4 seats in Parliament. [In Israel, voters vote for parties, not individuals. Earning the greatest number of seats out of 120 is the primary consideration in determining who will be given the mandate to form a coalition government.] Most recent polls had indicated a much narrower gap between the parties. Netanyahu continues to top polls asking who is best fit to be prime minister while party stalwarts complain that the Labor tag-team of Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni is lackluster and insufficiently likeable to prevent a fourth Netanyahu term in office.