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Palestinian Authority Invites Security Council to Visit

The Palestinian representative to the United Nations has invited the Security Council to send a fact-finding mission to the Palestinian Territories and Israel to see first-hand what it alleges are “violations against the Palestinian people.” In a letter to the undersecretary general for political affairs, envoy Riyad Monsour argued that “events in the West Bank and Gaza are dangerous and ultimately unsustainable.” Palestinian officials in recent days have expressed frustration at the lack of movement in the peace process and have threatened to intensify its campaign at the UN. On Sunday, a PLO official told reporters that it is weighing the possibility of “reconsidering its security, political and economic agreements with Israel in the coming days,” and that it is also considering calling for a “reactivation of popular resistance.” The latter has prompted speculation in Israeli media that a new period of violence akin to the first and second Intifadas might be imminent. The report prompted the Palestinian minister of civil affairs to deny that any decision to renege on agreements has been taken.