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Palestinian, Jordanian Leaders Meet to Discuss New Administration

As Middle East nations shift tactics and revaluate alliances ahead of the major White House change set to take place January 20, Jordan’s King Abdullah and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas convened on Sunday for a diplomatic get-together. The leaders met at the Jordanian Red Sea port city of Aqaba, where the king “stressed Jordan stood with all its resources alongside Palestinians in achieving their legitimate rights to set up an independent state.” The two also condemned Israel for its “attempts to impose new realities” in the West Bank, which Israel conquered from Jordan during the 1967 war, and which is home to more than 3 million Palestinians. Abdullah, long a close ally of the United States, was the first Arab leader to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden last week. The two discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and their shared backing of a two-state solution to the matter. Jordan opposed President Donald Trump’s peace plan, which called for the Israeli annexation of large parts of the disputed territories. Abbas, who cut off contact with the Trump Administration but recently expressed his hope for renewed cooperation with Washington following the election results, will now head to Cairo for further talks with regional leaders.