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Palestinian Woman Stabs Female Israeli Soldier

A Palestinian woman stabbed a female soldier near an Israeli checkpoint on the road to Bethlehem, apparently during a security check. The soldier was seriously wounded in the neck. In a separate incident, police in Jerusalem arrested a 15-year-old Palestinian boy who hid an automatic weapon in his clothes. The two incidents were the latest in a series of violent incidents that have raised the level of tensions between Israel and the Palestinians. Over the weekend, an Israeli ambulance was fired on in the West Bank but there were no casualties. A day earlier a Palestinian gunman opened fire at Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint in the West Bank and was shot dead. No Israeli soldiers were wounded. Last week an 18 year old Palestinian stabbed a border policeman in Jerusalem seriously wounding him. Israeli officials say that it is almost impossible to stop “lone-wolf” attacks, by individuals who are not associated with any organization.