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Palestinians Set Goal of $2.8 Billion for Donors’ Conference

Palestinian leaders want to walk away from next week’s donors’ conference in Cairo with at least $2.8 million, according to Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Faya’d. The Palestinian leader told reporters that the money represented estimated costs of reconstructing the Gaza Strip following the 22-days of fighting between Israel and Hamas. Those estimates have been included in a document prepared for donors at the conference. Thorny issues such as the channeling of funds around Hamas remain potential obstacles. Last week, Faya’d told The Media Line that his office has been working on multiple options, including an agreement with banks to directly fund Gazans for reconstruction and housing. Certain key building materials such as concrete and iron remain on Israel’s list of items not being allowed into Gaza, further complicating plans for reconstruction. Israel is under intense pressure from the Obama administration to increase the pace of humanitarian shipments into the Gaza Strip and to allow aid groups working on the ground to have input into what items should be permitted entry. In a mutual gesture aimed at creating the right atmosphere for factional unity talks, Hamas and Fatah have agreed to release members of the opposite group each is holding.