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Police: Indict Netanyahu’s Wife for Irregularities at Official Residences

Sara Netanyahu, wife of the Israeli prime minister and a favorite for criticism and ridicule in local media, is now facing scrutiny by legal authorities after the police recommended indicting the first lady for her actions in three separate affairs relating to the running of the Prime Minister’s Residences. Each of the irregularities being investigated appear to have in common the spending of government funds for personal benefit by the Netanyahu family. In a statement, the Netanyahus denied all of the allegations and said that contrary to reports there was no recommendation to indict. Last December, Mrs. Netanyahu was questioned “under caution” – typical of a criminal investigation – by the national fraud squad. Also last year, a civil action was brought in Labor Court by a former employee who charged illegalities were committed in the Prime Minister’s Residences and won a cash award. But while Mrs. Netanyahu was the subject of the plaintiff’s complaints, she was not a defendant.