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President-elect Biden to Recalibrate, Not Toss Away, Existing Sanctions 

United States President-elect Joe Biden will not overturn entirely his predecessor’s sanctions regime, but will definitely “readjust” current US punitive policies towards Iran, China, North Korea and Russia, sources within the incoming administration told Reuters on Wednesday. According to several people in the transition team, the post-January 20th White House will look to weed out the sanctions that have proven effective from those that have not, out of nearly 4,000 restrictions slapped by President Donald Trump on foreign entities – more than any other president in US history. Sources said President-elect Biden will likely lift sanctions imposed on the International Criminal Court and on certain individuals seeking US visas, while taking a harsher stance on Russia, Chinese human rights violations and, possibly, North Korea. On the issue of Iran and the multitude of sanctions President Trump has levied against it in recent weeks, the administration’s specific policy is apparently yet to be determined. On Wednesday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made his first appearance in weeks after being rumored dead by several news outlets, warning his people that the shifting tides in Washington will not bring real change to Iran. “We are not overjoyed about Mr. Biden’s arrival … The hostility is not just from Trump’s America, which supposedly some could say would end when he leaves, as [former President Barack) Obama’s America also did bad things to the Iranian nation,” he said.