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Protect Those Who Defend Freedom

The global nightmare shows few signs of leaving us any time soon. COVID-19 has gone from being an obscure designation recognizable only to the relatively few scientific practitioners who study infectious diseases (see Felice’s interview with Dr. Angela Rasmussen [1]) to a word familiar to everyone old enough to wear a protective face mask. Tragic as it is, knowing what it is, what it means and what people must do to defend themselves from the coronavirus with a protocol unknown to us a few short months ago is a matter of life and death. But where did that sudden, selective infusion of knowledge come from? How did we suddenly become so smart? Stated differently, where would we be without media? 

To be sure, it’s a dramatic example but not an unreasonable one. Indeed, we’ve also learned that in varying degrees, life goes on even under lockdown. But to learn how we can proceed and what the rules are, we need a viable media.

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