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Protest Movement Stages Final Hurrah Before Israeli Election

With just over 48 left until Israelis head to the polls for the fourth parliamentary election in two years, thousands of citizens opposed to the continued reign of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu swarmed the avenues and plazas outside the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem Saturday night. The demonstrators, who have been staging similar protests over the past year demanding Netanyahu’s resignation over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his ongoing corruption trial, called on centrist and left-wing voters to come out in droves on Tuesday, Election Day. Close to 30,000 protesters marched in Israel’s capital, eventually congregating near the prime minister’s house, holding signs, banging pots and pans and singing songs. On Tuesday, close to 6 million Israelis will vote in what has become an almost biennial affair, after the short-lived government erected by Netanyahu in May disintegrated in December 2020.