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Red Crescent Fails in Attempt to Evacuate Wounded Journalists from Homs

An attempt to evacuate two wounded journalists from the besieged Homs suburb of Baba Amr in Syria failed on Monday night when the would-be evacuees refused to leave in an act of solidarity with others after Red Crescent ambulances made their way to the site. The BBC reported that the refusal to board the Red Crescent ambulances might have been because of rumors that the aid organization has been infiltrated by those “not to be trusted.” The ambulances did remove others to safety, including a pregnant woman according to the BBC. The injured journalists were wounded in the same artillery barrage that cost the lives of two journalists last week. It has not yet been possible to remove those bodies from Homs and CNN quoted the mother of American Marie Colvin of the U.K.’s Times as saying that she will be buried in Syria because a timely removal of her remains is impossible. An activist group is reporting as many as 125 new deaths at the hands of Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad’s forces in a single day.