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Reports: Israeli Military Strikes Iranian Base in Syria

The Syrian government has accused the Israel Defense Forces of conducting air strikes in Homs Province on Tuesday night. According to a war monitor, Israeli fighter jets flying in Lebanese airspace fired eight missiles at the al-Shayrat base, which is allegedly used by Iran to store smuggled weaponry. The IDF reportedly struck the site earlier this month during a broader operation that also targeted numerous Hizbullah-linked facilities near the shared Golan Heights border. Israeli forces have over the past two-plus years destroyed hundreds, if not thousands, of military assets belonging to Tehran and its Shi’ite allies, who have been warring on behalf of Damascus since the start of Syria’s civil war in 2011. However, the frequency of Israeli attacks has dropped in recent months in tandem with comments from top military officials noting a decrease in Iranian activity in Syria, which they partially attributed to the Islamic Republic’s ongoing struggle to contain one of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreaks. Moreover, the Iranian economy, already crumbling under the weight of US economic sanctions, has been further decimated by the health crisis. This has forced the mullahs to reduce funding to regional proxies tasked with exporting the regime’s radical Islamic ideology using political and military means.