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Republican Lawmaker Trying To Stop West Bank Trip Planned By Palestinian-American Representative Rashida Tlaib

A Republican lawmaker wrote a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi imploring her to prevent newly-minted Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib from leading a delegation of legislators to the West Bank. Tlaib, who identifies as Palestinian-American, is planning the trip in parallel to the traditional Israel mission for first-term lawmakers sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Representative Brian Babin contended in his missive that the proposed taxpayer-funded initiative by “an outspoken supporter of the ‘BDS’ Israeli boycott movement and whose personal vitriol led her to publicly brag about calling our President a ‘mother****er’…is both ill-conceived and inconsistent with our national values.” Tlaib recently created another firestorm by posing for a picture with Abbas Hamideh, an anti-Israel activist who has equated Zionism with Nazism and previously referred to the Jewish state as a “terrorist entity.”