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Rivlin Addresses Weary Nation After Election Results Finalized

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday received the official results of the nation’s March 23 general election, thanking the Central Elections Committee for its work and calling on all political actors to establish “a government of healing that will rescue our institutions and citizens from the political deadlock” plaguing Israel for the past two years. Rivlin is tasked with picking the politician who will get the first chance to form a government. Next Wednesday, after consulting the various parties, the president will award one month to the member of Knesset he deems the likeliest to erect a viable coalition. If the chosen MK fails, Rivlin could give him or her a two-week extension or pass the mandate to another nominee. Eventually, if all else fails, parliament will be open to any lawmaker able to muster a 61-seat majority. If that final option proves unfruitful, Israel will head to its fifth election in two and a half years. “The people demand unconventional partnerships, cross-sector cooperation,” Rivlin said. “Israel is stronger than this crisis.” No side currently holds the clear majority required to pull the Jewish state out of the mud.