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Royal Committee for Temple Mount Begins Work

The Hashemite Fund for the Renovation of Al-Aq’sa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock’s Board of Trustees conducted their first meeting on September 23. The meeting was attended by Jordan’s King ‘Abdallah II, who announced a personal donation of over $1.5 million. As always, when it concerns the Al-Aq’sa Mosque compound (also known as Temple Mount or Al-Haram A-Sharif), the issue is far more delicate then meets the eye. A simple renovation work in the mosque or in the surrounding compound is often deliberated and argued over by the Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian sides. Nothing is “simple” when it comes to the world’s holiest site for Judaism and the third holiest site for Islam. Read more from The Media Line’s Yaniv Berman… [1]