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Safeguarding Authentic Journalism

We keep saying it because we’re proud of it. The Media Line is on the frontline of the fight to reclaim journalism. The Edward R. Murrow kind of journalism. Where facts matter and the reader is respected. Where respect means the reader is entitled to know where the information came from — we call it “sourcing.” Where anonymous beings “claiming knowledge of the matter” doesn’t cut it.

At The Media Line, we remain dedicated to authentic journalism and do what we can to further its future. Our Press and Policy Student Program is in partnership with 16 colleges and universities, and students from around the world are availing themselves of the unique opportunities it offers.

You know the rest: It takes financial support to make all of this happen. Whether it’s keeping our acclaimed daily news blast a free service or being able to work with students in our beautiful Mideast News Bureau, we need your help to make it happen.

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