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Saleh, Back in Yemen, Gets Little Response to Call for Early Elections

President Ali Abdullah Saleh made his first speech since returning from Saudi Arabia three days ago but received little positive feedback to his call for early elections. Saleh, who had been recuperating from wounds suffered in a rocket attack on his palace in June, returned with a vengeance, sending his troops against those opposing his rule. At least 100 people were reported killed in the past six days. In his televised speech, Saleh called for a "peaceful exchange of power through early presidential elections." Several times deals for Saleh’s departure from power was brokered by Arab leaders, but each time Saleh refused at the last minute to close the deal. Many of those killed were shot by snipers on rooftops overlooking a main square in the capital, Sana’a, where demonstrators congregated. Many believe Al-Qa’ida will be the beneficiary of instability in Yemen, which appears to be drawing close to civil war.