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Security Council Fails to Agree on Condemnation of Syria

Led by Russian opposition to a European draft resolution supported by the United States and condemning Syrian brutality against its people, the U.N. Security Council adjourned on Wednesday, having taken no action on the issue. The Russians insisted that the Syrian situation poses no threat to international peace and that the real threat comes from outside interference. China and India also favored avoiding any condemnation of Syrian actions but to call for dialogue instead. In Syria, more than 200 members of the ruling Baath Party have resigned their memberships in protest of the government’s violence. The Syrian National Initiative for Change (NIC), a new umbrella group consisting of more than 150 opposition activists in Syria and abroad, issued a statement on Wednesday warning President Bashar Al-Asad that, “Either the ruling regime leads itself in a peaceful transition toward democracy … or it will go through a process of popular protests that will evolve into a massive and grassroots revolution that will break down the regime and carry Syria through a period of transition after a wave of violence and instability.” In Dara’a where Al-Asad’s troops have surrounded the town and cut electricity, water and communications, supplies are reportedly running low and a humanitarian crisis is developing.