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Slimy Spill Spreads, Smothering Sandy Shores, Smearing Small State’s Seaside

Israel is still reeling from one of the worst environmental disasters ever to hit its shores, as the nation’s entire Mediterranean coastline over the weekend was covered by black tar, a result of a massive oil spill estimated in the hundreds of tons. Hundreds of marine animals, including sea turtles, crabs, fish and whales, are thought to have perished in the disastrous spill, the culprit of which is still being searched for by local and international authorities. On Saturday, hundreds of volunteers spread out along the 160-km shoreline, cleaning the endless amounts of tar from rocks, sand and helpless wildlife. Several volunteers were subsequently hospitalized for inhaling oil fumes, leading authorities to call on people not to arrive at the beach to help. Experts believe the full extent of the damage will only be made clear later this week as the weather calms, and expect the recovery efforts to take at least several months.