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Surge in Violence Along Israel-Gaza Border Continues

The surge in violence along the Israeli-Gaza border that began early in the week continued on Wednesday with additional mortar rounds being fired into Israel from Gaza and another rocket landing inside Israeli territory. The rocket exploded near an industrial facility in the coastal city of Ashqelon and caused no damage or injury. That followed an attack by the Israeli air force on targets near the northern Gaza city of Beit Hanoun that was in retaliation for a previous rocket attack. 15 Palestinians were wounded in the air strike. At the start of the week, terrorists strapped two hundred pounds of explosives to the back of a donkey and sent it toward the border fence separating Israel and the Gaza Strip. The only casualty was the donkey, which was killed in the blast. Meanwhile, the Israeli military said on Wednesday that it will not permit any of the vessels participating in the international effort to “run the blockade of Gaza” to reach port. Ships will be warned-off while still at sea and passengers will be detained and deported if orders to turn back are refused. Israel says, however, that the humanitarian goods being carried by the boats will be allowed to reach the people of Gaza.