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Syria Blames Israel for Another Strike Against Missile Base

For the second time in 48 hours, an army base in Syria was made the target of an airstrike by Israel’s military, according to local media outlets. Syrian state media reported Wednesday night that missiles fired by Israeli jets at the notorious T4 base, 55 miles southeast of Homs, were intercepted and destroyed. According to Syrian officials, anti-aircraft batteries managed to shoot down most of the missiles, with only minor damage done to property, yet the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported an unknown number of Iranian troops, stationed in the area, were killed in the attack. Israel has long maintained that the T4 base is being used by Iranian forces in Syria to transfer missiles to its ally Hizbullah in Lebanon. On Monday, another airstrike attributed to Israel against military targets near Damascus killed at least five pro-Iranian militia members, according to the Syrian human rights group. Israeli officials did not comment on either incident.