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Syria Denies Arms Convoy Bombed;Admits Israel Destroyed Research Center

Despite confirmation by Western intelligence sources, the bombing of a weapons convoy traveling from Syria to Lebanon by Israeli warplanes was denied by the Syrian army, but it did say Israel destroyed a military research center inside Syria in a pre-dawn raid on Wednesday. News agencies are reporting that residents near the Jamraya target site claim the targeted facility manufactured chemical weapons. The Syrian sources say two died and five were injured in the attack. Previously, American and Mideast sources were quoted as confirming that Israeli missiles struck at a ground convoy bringing arms from Syria to Lebanon, including sophisticated Russian SA-17 anti-aircraft missile systems that Israel views as “game changers” and will not tolerate entering the Hizbullah arsenal in Lebanon. On Thursday, the New York Times quoted an unnamed American official as saying that Israel gave the US advance notice of its plans to take out the convoy and research facility.