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Syrian Opposition Forces Cool to Word that Command Moved to Syria from Turkey

Far from being buoyed by word that Syrian opposition commanders have moved from Turkey into Syria, news agencies are reporting that the reaction by the fighters themselves ranges from blasé to irate. Despite previous barbs aimed at the commanders from leading from afar, those interviewed by reporters in the field opined that additional fighters on the front lines would be more advantageous than moving the command center. The commander of one opposition fighting force told the French news agency AFP that, “strategy is decided by those on the ground.” Another fighter, stationed in Aleppo, told AFP that, “Combatants on the ground are worth more than guys who’ve been sitting around a table for a year-and-a-half outside of Syria.” Orders observed by commanders in the field appear to be coming from a new military council set up in Aleppo. The only goal, according to one commander, is “that Assad falls as soon as possible.” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that the death toll is surpassing 200 per day. More than 27,000 have died during the past 19-months.