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Terrible Tar Trashing – Thanks To Tehran’s Terrorist Tanker? 

Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry on Wednesday wrapped up its two-week investigation of the massive oil spill that contaminated the nations’ shores, offering a startling conclusion. According to Minister Gila Gamliel, a Libyan-owned tanker covertly traveled from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea, where it proceeded to intentionally unload hundreds of tons of oil inside Israel’s exclusive economic zone, before escaping to Syria and then back to Iran. “This is environmental terrorism,” Gamliel accused in a special press conference Wednesday evening. Yet defense ministry officials later explained intelligence and navy personnel were not involved in the investigation and did not share the minister’s convictions. Sources within the environmental ministry itself also told Israeli outlets the chances of the spill being a terror attack were “low.” Last month, most of Israel’s coastline was covered in thick black tar, resulting in one of the worst ecological disasters the country has ever faced. Cleanup and wildlife rescue operations are expected to last months.