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Top Israeli Health Official Resigns, Says Leadership ‘Losing Direction’

In an abrupt move that took many by surprise, Prof. Sigal Sadetsky, head of Public Health at Israel’s Health Ministry, resigned her post on Tuesday, citing growing differences and tensions within the ministry and warning that Israel was currently on a “dangerous” path. In a blistering Facebook post, Sadetsky explained that “for the past few weeks, leadership has lost its compass. Despite repeated and detailed warnings… we are now simply watching in frustration as our hourglass of opportunity is running out…. I have reached the conclusion that in these conditions, in which my professional opinion is repeatedly rejected, it is no longer possible for me to assist in the effective battle against the virus’s spread.” Health Minister Yuli Edelstein thanked Sadetsky for her services on Wednesday, saying he intended to move on without her. “We’re in a war,” he said. “If someone decides they can’t go on fighting, it’s my job to push forward, not to fall back and pull them along.”