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U.N. Charges Saudi Khashoggi Probe Omits Chain-of-Command

The United Nations investigator on extrajudicial executions says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman should be investigated for the murder at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul of Jamal Khashoggi. Agnes Callamard, a U.N. rapporteur, told the United Nations Human Rights Council that the official Saudi internal investigation failed to seek out the chain of command. She explained that the inquiry was carried out as a human rights investigation and that a criminal investigation is in order given the indications that have already surfaced. Procedurally, Callamard called for the prince’s assets abroad to be frozen unless he can prove he had no part in the killing of Khashoggi – a reverse twist of “innocent until proven guilty.” The European Union’s ambassador to the U.N. called for Saudi Arabia to cooperate with all investigations into the murder.