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US Accuses Iran of Violating UN Resolution on Nuclear Deal

The United States has accused Iran of violating the United Nations Security Council resolution that rubber-stamped a 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement banning the Islamic Republic from working on nuclear weapons. American officials cite a satellite Iran recently placed in orbit, a maneuver requiring technologies applicable to the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as alleged breaches of a UN arms embargo set to expire in October but which Washington seeks to extend. Regarding the latter issue, US officials contended that “Iran continues to funnel weapons to proxy forces and terrorist groups in places like Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Bahrain.” Nevertheless, Russia’s UN ambassador this week made clear that his country opposes Washington’s diplomatic full-court press and vowed to veto any corresponding Security Council resolution. As part of the 2015 accord, Iran was barred for five years from purchasing conventional arms, although Moscow has reportedly been negotiating a weapons deal with Tehran worth up to $10 billion. Tensions between Washington and Tehran have been on the rise since President Donald Trump in May 2018 withdrew from the nuclear agreement and re-imposed sanctions on the mullah regime. The countries have since engaged in tit-for-tat military exchanges primarily in Iraq, where Iran controls large Shi’ite paramilitary groups and US forces remain stationed.