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US, European Allies Ask UN to Look at Iranian Missile Activity – Not Called “Violation”

Iran’s actions in launching missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads and the United Nations Security Council resolution that confirmed the deal struck with Western powers was the subject of a letter sent to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Spain’s UN ambassador jointly by the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. It asked that the Security Council deal with the situation by discussing “appropriate responses” to Tehran’s behavior. But despite the apparent show of bluster by the Western powers who sponsored the agreement, news of the letter was joined by word that the Western diplomats felt the case was insufficient for the “snap back” provisions promised by US President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry in describing what would happen immediately in case the deal was violated. As those opposed to the agreement warned during the debate, Russia is fully expected to exercise its veto if new sanctions are suggested, and despite the snapback promises, it is noticeable that the letter failed to use the word “violated” in its text, instead asking Iran to refrain from such launches for eight years. The letter did, however, note that Iranian leaders have said the missiles are designed to be a direct threat to Israel. In addition, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard made a public declaration that the missiles were designed to be used against Israel.