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US Forces Sustain ‘Harassing Attacks’ in Afghanistan, Iraq

United States military outposts in Afghanistan have come under some fire in recent days in what was an expected response to American forces remaining in the country beyond the May 1 deadline agreed by former President Donald Trump and the Taliban. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Monday said the “small harassing attacks” did not have “any significant impact … on [US] people or resources.” Among the strikes was an attack on a Kandahar airfield that caused no injuries or damage. Another raid by Taliban militants against Afghan soldiers in the Farah province on Monday killed seven local troops. Violence by Taliban extremists against the internationally recognized Kabul government has risen in recent weeks, with negotiations over a power-sharing agreement stalling and Washington announcing a four-month delay in its withdrawal. Meanwhile in Iraq, six rockets launched at a military air base north of Baghdad where some US contractors are stationed also caused no casualties or damage.