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US Secretary of State Pompeo Demands Iran Leave Syria, Stop Funding Terror

The only thing that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu did not hear but wanted to in US SecState Mike Pompeo’s maiden address was a second from Russian President Vladimir Putin. But nevertheless, it was taken as a good start. Delivering a major policy speech at Washington’s Heritage Foundation, a Conservative think-tank, Pompeo demanded that Iran withdraw its military forces from Syria and halt its funding for the terrorist groups Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. After President Trump ignited a maelstrom with the European Union by withdrawing American participation in the Iranian nuclear agreement, Pompeo said the United States is prepared to return, but only if a sizeable list of conditions is met. The recently-confirmed Secretary of State quoted President Donald Trump in promising that, “We will insure Iran has no path to a nuclear weapon, not now, not ever.” Having announced an unprecedented package of financial controls, Pompeo admonished that, “It will be painful if the [Iranian] regime doesn’t change its course. It will be the strongest sanctions in history. Iran will be battling to keep its economy alive.”