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US Warns Turkey Receiving Missile Defense System Changes the Game

While some in Congress were not happy to see Turkey receive an F-35 stealth fighter, arguably the world’s most advanced fighter jet, others were also unhappy to hear that a decision on what it’s willing to provide to Ankara and its bellicose President Recep Tayyip Erdogan only when in the opinion of many, it will be too late. Turkey plans to deploy the Russian S-400 missile defense system which is incompatible with the system NATO countries use and therefore supposedly not appropriate for purchase by NATO members. Many Americans and nationals of allied nations are wary of Erdogan who at best is seen as a ticking time bomb and who has just had an increase in his personal power. The S-400 system is at the core of the current disunity but the Americans won’t decide on whether to withhold equipment including the F-35 until the Russian system is deployed – or “too late” for some planners.