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While PLO Calls for Rescinding Recognition of Israel

The Palestine Liberation Organization’s Central Council has called for the PLO to withdraw its recognition of the state of Israel and end security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority until Israel recognizes the state of Palestine. Abbas, who is under extreme pressure from Palestinians who accuse the PA of corruption under his leadership and those who believe the octogenarian needs to be replaced by new blood, is seen as unlikely to sever security ties with Israel, which plays a large, if under-publicized, role in fighting against the growing Hamas presence in the Fatah/PA-controlled West Bank. In classic Mideast parlance, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mandates continued security cooperation. In stating specifically that the Council has made its recommendation but is leaving the decision about whether to implement the recommendation to Abbas and the PLO Executive Committee, Abbas gains some wiggle room to retain his much-needed allies. Most observers agree that nothing significant is in the offing until the Trump peace plan is on the table.