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Iranian Missiles Used By Houthi Militias

Al-Okaz, Saudi Arabia, March 28

After several months of Saudi claims that Iran is funding and arming the Houthi militias operating in Yemen, remnants from a missile fired on Saudi Arabia last week finally provided the evidence that Riyadh was looking for; that is, features of weapons manufactured in Iran. While this is very worrying, the revelation is the ultimate vindication for the Saudis, who for years have raised concerns about Tehran’s military involvement in the region. Iran is, beyond any doubt, engaging in a direct confrontation with Saudi Arabia via its Houthi proxy. The fact that Iranian-manufactured ballistic missiles have made their way to the Arab Gulf is unsurprising. What is surprising is that the Houthi militias, which claim to be fighting to liberate Yemen, have blindly chosen to take orders from the Revolutionary Guards—even when these orders completely contradict their agenda. There are growing voices calling on Riyadh to end its attacks on terror strongholds in Yemen. The United Nations has even accused Saudi Arabia of indiscriminately bombing civilian targets. But the recent findings prove, once and for all, that the real vicious actor in this war is Tehran, not Riyadh. It is those who target innocent populations with ballistic missiles, at the behest of other actors, who are the culprits in this war. The Saudi-led Arab coalition would be wise to continue its effort to eradicate terrorist hotbeds in Yemen at any cost. This is the only way to delineate clear lines that cannot be crossed by the mullahs, who seek to annihilate Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Gulf. – Mashri al-Zayidi