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Loyalty Over Ideology

Al-Jazirah, Saudi Arabia, October 8

It is fascinating to observe the events revolving around the Supreme Court nomination in the United States, not merely because of the drama that this case has provided to reporters, but also because the Supreme Court stands at the heart of the American empire, given its status as one of the three most powerful American institutions, alongside the Congress and the White House. What is clear to any outside observer of the situation is that the debate surrounding the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court revolved around partisan lines. The Republicans supported Kavanaugh, while the Democrats opposed him. Neither side did so on the basis of the candidate’s actual competence to fulfill the role, but rather in an effort to gain political capital and defeat the opposing party. On the Republican side, there was an incentive to move forward with the nomination and approval process as quickly as possible, before the mid-term elections, out of fear that the Democrats might gain a majority in Congress. On the Democratic side, there was an incentive to prolong the hearings and the investigations that ensued, in order to humiliate the Republican Party and the president. The result was an embarrassing situation that brought shame to both sides. The Democrats pushed a perfectly competent Supreme Court Justice to cry in front of live television cameras and comment about his college-day drinking. The Republicans, on the other hand, disgraced a woman who spoke about her interactions with that man. Other than creating even more polarization and division among the American public, this spectacle did not achieve a single thing. Judging by where American politics are headed, it seems like the only thing that will matter in America in years to come is party affiliation; not ideology. –Ahmad al-Farraj