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Our Representatives at the National Assembly Are a Disgrace

The people of Kuwait have always been loyal to their country and to the House of Al-Sabah. Since the inception of Kuwait to this very day, we have all pledged our allegiance to our homeland. But while the Kuwaiti public maintains its loyalty to our nation, it seems as if some of our politicians aren’t. It is not a secret that Kuwait has suffered from successive governments that ignore the people’s demands and hopes. We have seen corruption scandals unfold one after the other. Under normal democratic governance, the citizens are involved in the political system by electing representatives that represent and advance the public’s social, economic, cultural and religious conditions. In healthy democracies, people exchange opinions and ideas even when they disagree with each other. But in Kuwait, there is no tolerance for contradictory opinions. Our members of parliament gave rise to a tradition in which anyone who disagrees with them is an enemy. Instead of being a place where people debate different policies and political agendas, the National Assembly has become a kindergarten: a place where our legislators scream and wail, and attack anyone who dares defy the majority. Instead of following the principles of democracy, they have adopted the concept of aristocracy, the rule of the elite. They speak about the constitution day and night but, in reality, undermine the very principles of our constitution on a regular basis. They are guided by nothing more than partisan whims and narrow political interest. I recall the empty promises they made before getting elected. Where are all of the laws they promised? What happened to the non-harassment law? The small business protection law?  Why does our parliament refuse to form an ethics committee that will review and sanction legislators who abuse their role? Instead of taking care of our future and working to build a better country for future generations, these individuals abuse our public funds, manipulate the people who elected them to office, and then disregard any piece of criticism that is directed their way. Then they dare appear in public and cry about the state of our country. What a shame. –Faisal Mohammed Bin Sabt (translated by Asaf Zilberfarb)