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The First State of the Jews: Why Is It a Hidden Fact?

Have you heard of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia? Probably not. That’s because the state of Israel has a vested interest in hiding the fact that this republic exists. The Jewish Autonomous Oblast, located in southeastern Russia, is the motherland of the Jews. Until this very day, a large portion of the local population is Jewish. Unfortunately, this fact has been obscured in cooperation with the state of Israel, so that the Zionist dream of establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine would continue to exist. Unlike what Zionists like to claim, Palestine was never the homeland of the Jewish people. The Jews could have easily established their homeland in their allocated autonomous region, where they wouldn’t harm anyone or rely on the continuous support of Uncle Sam. For the record, this independent republic has an area of over 40,000 square kilometers. That is, it is close to the size of Switzerland. It also has an extremely low population density. Therefore, it could have served as an ideal homeland for the Jews. Instead of usurping Palestinian lands, Zionists could have built their nation at a place already allocated to them. But this fact has been obscured so that the world would stand by Israel’s side as it steals Palestinian lands. Another important question: Why did Zionists prevent the secession of this republic from Russia? How come the Jewish Autonomous Oblast didn’t seek independence, just like other territories such as Chechnya? I think the answer is clear: No one wanted attention diverted away from Palestine. The Zionists wanted to keep their options hidden so that the territorial occupation of Palestine could continue to take place to this very day. – Fakhri Hashem Sayed Rajab (translated by Asaf Zilberfarb)