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The Iranian Opposition Is In Desperate Need Of Leadership

Al-Jazirah, Saudi Arabia, January 2

Iran is under an economic siege by the United States, an unprecedented blockade designed to undermine Tehran and force the mullahs to comply with American demands. Those who monitor the domestic situation in Iran knows there are numerous protest movements that have not coalesced into one popular revolution because there is no unified leadership. It is exactly this kind of leadership that is missing in Iran and preventing the overthrow of the regime. The mullahs have robbed Iran of its wealth for the sake of their extremist ideology; however, like all theocratic regimes it too will eventually fall. This is because it is based on theological myths and not rational interests. I firmly believe that Iran’s religious rulers would capitulate if protesters were wise enough to form one cohesive opposition. But to do so they need help from their neighbors, as it is impossible to succeed at such an immense task without the support of external players. Iranian opposition groups, which are already subjected to repression by the state, desperately need foreign sources of financial and organizational support. There is good reason to help these forces develop a strong leadership that can represent the people of Iran. There is also no need to hide this initiative, as the mullahs certainly don’t bother hiding their interventions in other countries. The regime has relentlessly tried to wage its battles as far away from Iranian territory as possible. Bringing the war back within Iran’s borders might finally shake the ground beneath the mullahs’ feet. This may very well require them to abandon their radical agenda.  –Muhammad al-Sheikh