An Egyptian policeman tries to detain students of Cairo University who support the Muslim Brotherhood during clashes with riot police in Cairo on December 10, 2013. (AFP PHOTO / MOHAMED EL-SHAHED )

Trump and the Designation of the Muslim Brotherhood

Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 30

The main problem behind the continuation of terrorist operations, the latest of which were the horrific Sri Lanka bombings, is the failure to stand up to groups that promote hatred and intolerance. The mother of these groups is the Muslim Brotherhood, which the Trump Administration is seeking to designate a terrorist organization, according to recent reports. It would be an important step if this takes place. It would support the forces of moderation that have suffered so much at the hand of extremist forces in light of the West’s so-called freedom of expression. In reality, this weak treatment of terrorism kept these radical ideologies alive, providing inspiration for numerous terror groups around the world. The separation of radical religious beliefs from terrorist acts is wrong. Neither can work without the other. We have not heard of a terrorist who is not an extremist. By criminalizing extremism and outlawing its symbols and placing terrorist groups on the watch list, there will be fewer opportunities for these groups to recruit. As years have gone by, terrorist operations have not diminished, but have increased and become more brutal, from ramming attacks to the bombing of hotels and restaurants. Terrorist crimes in recent years have been carried out by the post-9/11 generation. The reason is mainly because of the persistent insistence of western governments to distinguish between terrorism and extremism. In practice, it is difficult to establish a culture of moderation and tolerance at a time when the Takfiris are acting freely and with the support of countries such as Qatar, Turkey and Iran to destroy any opportunities for coexistence and modernization. The Brotherhood’s ideology is a reservoir of extremist ideas that directly negate science and modern culture. It stands out against modernity and progression. It is quite practically impossible to move forward with society without defeating the Brotherhood’s culture of intolerance and ignorance. The American decision is therefore a great one. It is impossible to go one step forward with the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our lives. – Mamdouh al-Miheni

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