“As a Palestinian journalist, I can attest to the difficulties and skepticism to overcome in order to bring participants to event after event, and perhaps more importantly, to have succeeded in breaking own walls and seeing those participants from each side remain in personal and professional contact between sessions and on a frequent basis.”
Khalil Assali
Palestinian media consultant
Breaking down barriers

Established in 2005, The Mideast Press Club is dedicated to breaking down barriers to understanding between Israeli and Palestinian journalists, fostering professional cooperation and collaboration and ultimately enhancing the quality of coverage of Israel and the Middle East.

Recognizing The Media Line’s unique position as honest and unbiased brokers, The Mideast Press Club was established as a forum for reducing tensions among working Israeli and Palestinian reporters and as a means to return the journalist community to its proper professional footing.

With the difficulties each side faces to travel to the other side for reporting, The Mideast Press Club offers a unique opportunity to “cross the divide” and highlight the advantages of dialogue over violence.

The Mideast Press Club has brought together more than 200 Israeli and Palestinian journalists.

Events of The Mideast Press Club have included:

  • Covering the Other Side of the Story
  • Two Sides, One Story: Reporting the Gaza Withdrawal
  • Women’s Issues and the Palestinian Elections
  • Regional Cooperation and Gas
  • Master Classes with Iconic Journalists Marvin Kalb and Murray Fromson
  • Israel’s Parliament: First Time Palestinian Journalists Visit Knesset [Video]
  • Visit to Palestinian Legislative Council
  • Recruited by United Nations to formulate Mideast Media program in Rio de Janeiro

By focusing on professionalism, The Mideast Press Club has opened a new channel of communication that is already benefitting people world-wide who seek to be informed about events in the Middle East.
Yoni Ben Menachem
Director General, Israel Radio
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