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Afghanistan: What Next?

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What will the next months and years hold for Afghanistan?

About this event

The chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan has had dramatic domestic, regional, and global ramifications. What will the next months and years hold for Afghanistan? What will the impact of Taliban rule be on Afghan communities internally and externally? What are the geopolitical implications of the return of the Taliban? How will Afghanistan’s neighbors respond to the developments there? Will the Taliban become a globally recognized legitimate state actor? Will “nation building” efforts by the West in the region take a different form? What role might the UN play in the unfolding scenarios?

Join us for a conversation with a distinguished panel that will consider these and other questions as we seek to explore potential pathways forward for Afghanistan and its citizens.

Moderated by WPS Sidhu [2] , Clinical Professor, NYU SPS Center for Global Affairs


Joseph Collins [4], Former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Fawzia Koofi [5]Leader of Movement of Change for Afghanistan Party

Barnett Rubin [6]Senior Fellow, NYU Center on International Cooperation