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All Joking Aside … A History of Israeli Comedy

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After years of writing comedy for popular TV programs, Omri Marcus founded Comedy for Change, an international community of writers from all over the world dedicated to promoting and achieving social change. Highlighting the country’s funny yet unknown history, Omri explores the jokes and pranks that have made Israelis laugh from the beginning of the State until the present day. Get a glimpse of Israel you’ll never find in any guidebook.

This lecture is part of the series: ‘Like Dreamers: inspirational stories from Israel’

As the COVID-19 pandemic drives us physically apart, inspiration is here to bring us closer together. The Jerusalem Parliament has joined forces with entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, and social activists in a series of ‘boutique’ inspirational conversations about Israel’s new society yet to be seen. Enjoy fascinating conversations, hear compelling stories, and discover the new Israel from the comfort of your home. From the heart of Israel comes a powerful variety of speakers that will share their authentic story in the development of the new vision for Israel’s society.